It all started with…

…a boy painting in his basement knowing there was a whole exciting world out there to be explored. Many people to meet and give something back to with his special gift. I am JONNMARC, an artist who believes in doing more than just making images, but going a step further and making his artwork help others. I work across a variety of media with my favorite being paintings and clothing works. Originally I was trained in classical figure sculpture, photography, and textiles. This wide range of skills allows me to choose the right media for each of pieces. I have made artwork in Washington D.C., NYC, Miami, Omaha, Baltimore, and now I’m ready for my next adventure. 

I have set out with the goal of creating amazing artwork to make this world a more beautiful place. The most recent bodies of work stem from an urgency to make my actions as an artist line up with the speed at which our visual and social landscape is changing. To be able to relate to current topic in culture, politics, and society is important to me. My techniques to create the work employ methods to increase my productivity while still maintaining my artist hand in the work. For example using stencils that are made from drawings, industrial paint sprayers, large brushes, and other modes. These methods of making allow me to repeat images quickly and also generate paintings in a manner that almost propagandizes the work at times, but without the negative connotation. It is propaganda to enhance the world not to control or influence it. My goals in the coming year is to experiment in making my paintings into clothing that act as a wearable canvas: Using textile dyes and processes in the same way I have been manipulating paint to make the same works occur onto silks and cottons and then turn them into wearable messages. At the same time I will continue to generate the 2-D artwork that has inspired this change. 

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